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April 30th, 1524 - The Battle of Sesia

Conflict: Italian Wars (1494-1559)

Combatants: French vs. Spanish

Location: Italy

Outcome: Spanish victory

At Sesia on April 30th, 1524, a Spanish Imperial army led by Charles de Lannoy routed the French army invading Italy. Pierre Terrail, the Lord of Bayard, was killed leading a failed counterattack. The French were forced to retreat back across the Alps.

The Chevaliar Bayard by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer

Points of Interest:

  • After the victory at Sesia, an Imperial army invaded France in July but retreated before superior reinforcements in October.

  • After the failed Spanish invasion of France, the French countered by re-invading Italy in later October 1524. Charles de Lannoy withdrew from Milan to Pavia.

Charles di Lannoy by an unknown artist
Pierre Terrail de Bayard by an unknown artist



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