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May 14th, 1264 - The Battle of Lewes

Conflict: Second Baron's War

Combatants: Baronial Army vs. Royalist Army

Location: England (UK)

Outcome: Baronial victory

On this day in 1264, Henry III's troops marched out to attack the army of Simon de Montfort, the Earl of Leicester, north of Lewes. Despite the penetration of Montfort's center by Prince Edward's knights, the Royalist army was overcome and Henry was taken prisoner. Montfort forced Henry III to make concessions granting the baron control over England.

Henry III at the Battle of Lewes by John Cassell

Points of Interest:

  • Monfort became virtual ruler of England after Lewes, but was killed fifteen months later at the Battle of Evesham.

  • Prince Edward would later reign over England as Edward I from 1272 to 1307.

Simon de Montfort by Élisée Reclus
Prince Edward (here Edward I) by an unknown artist



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