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May 16th, 1771 - The Battle of Alamance Creek

Conflict: Regulator Movement

Combatants: North Carolina Militia vs. Regulators

Location: North Carolina (USA)

Outcome: Militia victory

While discontent with Parliament continued to brew in New England, a group of North Carolina frontiersmen, known as the "Regulators", fomented their own rebellion against William Tryon, the Royal Governor of North Carolina. The Regulators assembled an army of 2,000 men but disorganization and a lack of leadership led to easy defeat at the hands of a North Carolina militia force half that size.

With the Regulators from a book by Otis James

Points of Interest:

  • Alamance Creek is sometimes considered an early battle of the American Revolution.

  • Twenty Regulators were killed in the battle, twelve captured, and six hanged.



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