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May 4th, 1471 - The Battle of Tewkesbury

Conflict: The War of the Roses (1455-1487)

Combatants: Lancastrians vs. Yorkists

Location: England (UK)

Outcome: Yorkist victory

On this day in 1471, Edward IV's Yorkists, numbering some 4,500 men, attacked the defensive position of approximately 3,000 Lancastrians. While the Lancastrians, led by Edmond Beaufort, the Duke of Somerset, launched a bold attack on the Yorkist center left, their own center failed to advance and the attack was repulsed. The Yorkist then drove the enemy center into retreat. Among the Lancastrians, Prince Edward of Wales, Lord Wenlock, and the Earl of Devon were killed in the rout. The Lancastrian cause was all but defeated in this battle.

Battle of Tewkesbury by M.S. Ghent

Points of Interest:

  • By the end of the same month Henry VI, the Lancastrian claimant to the throne, was dead.

  • Edmond Beaufort was captured and beheaded on May 6th of 1471.

Edward IV by Lucas Horenbout
Edmond Beaufort et envoyés de Rouen (cropped) by Philippe de Mazerolles



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