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September 9th, 1513 – The Battle of Flodden

Conflict: Anglo-Scottish War

Combatants: English vs. Scottish

Location: England (UK)

Outcome: English victory

Taking advantage of a Henry VIII's campaign against France, Scottish King James IV declared war on England and invaded. Thomas Howard, the Earl of Surrey, led a hastily assembled army to oppose the Scots. James IV dug in to await the English force, but was forced to re-organize his formations when Surrey circled around the Scottish position. Archery and artillery fire goaded the anxious Scots into repeatedly charging the enemy. James IV was killed in the melee along with 10,000 Scots thus ending the invasion of England.

The Battle of Flodden by James Grant

Points of Interest:

  • English losses are not recorded but were also heavy.

  • James IV was succeeded by James V who went to war with England again in 1542 after years of border skirmishes.

James IV of Scotland by an unknown artist

Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey by William Henry Kearney

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