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September 8th, 1781 – The Battle of Eutaw Spring

Conflict: American Revolution

Combatants: Americans vs. British

Location: South Carolina (USA)

Outcome: British victory

American General Nathaniel Greene continued in the campaign to liberate the Carolinas from the British and Lord Cornwallis. At Eutaw Springs, Greene's 2,400 soldiers attacked approximately 2,000 British troops. The Americans were repulsed, but the British suffered such heavy losses that they withdrew to Charleston.

Battle of Eutaw Springs by unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • Greene helped to assemble a militia company in 1774 but was forced to serve in the ranks as a private due to a game leg.

  • Despite the failure of his Southern Campaign and defeat at Yorktown, Cornwallis avoided most of the blame in both the press and public eye. He was appointed to many important positions throughout the rest of his life and was serving as governor-general of India when he died in 1805.

Major General Nathaniel Greene by unknown artist

First Marquis of Cornwallis by an unknown artist

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