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September 7th, 1191 - The Battle of Arsouf

Conflict: Third Crusade

Combatants: Crusaders vs. Turks

Location: Israel

Outcome: Crusader victory

On this day in 1191, an over-confident Saladin initiated an ambush against Richard the Lionheart's Crusader army near the coast of Arsouf. After withstanding continued harassing attacks by Saladin's soldiers, Richard at length released his beleaguered knights on the unprepared Turks. Approximately 7,000 Turks were killed to only about 700 Crusaders. Saladin never again engaged Richard in an open battle.

Schlacht von Arsuf by Eloi Firmin Feron

Points of Interest:

  • Although he did not openly engage Richard again, Saladin's scorched earth retreat prevented the Crusaders from besieging Jerusalem.

  • In 1192, Richard signed a treaty with Saladin allowing Christian pilgrimages to the holy city. Saladin died a year later.

Richard Coeur De Lion by Merry-Joseph Blondel

Portrait of Saladin (before A.D. 1185) by an unknown artist

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