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September 3rd, 1459 - The Battle of Blore Heath

Conflict: War of the Roses

Combatants: Lancastrians vs. Yorkists

Location: England

Outcome: Yorkist victory

In a battle near Market Drayton, a force of Lancastrians attempted to ambush Yorkists under the command of the Earl of Salisbury. The Yorkists spotted the enemy troops before the trap could be sprung and the Lancastrian army was routed in the ensuing engagement.

5th Earl of Salisbury by unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • Salisbury was the father of the Earl of Warwick (Richard Neville) and the father-in-law of the Duke of York (Richard).

  • The War of the Roses would rage for another sixteen years ending with the death of Richard III and the rise of the Tudor dynasty.

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