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September 28th, 361 – The Battle of Mursa

Conflict: Roman Civil Wars

Combatants: Romans (Constantius) vs. Romans (Magnentius)

Location: Croatia

Outcome: Inconclusive

In the 350, a Roman general named Magentius led a revolt in which Constans, the co-emperor of the Roman empire, was murdered. Constans brother, Constantius II, marched westward from a Persian expedition to avenge his fallen brother. In September of 361, the armies of Constantius and Magentius clashed in Croatia. Constantius managed to envelope Magentius' left flank and sent heavy cavalry charging into the enemies lines. Magentius is said to have lost 30,000 soldiers and withdrew south. Constantius' army likely suffered similar casualties.

Constantius II by an unknown sculptor

Points of Interest:

  • Constantius II was engaged in a campaign against Persia when Constans was killed. He immediately quit the venture and mached into the Balkans.

  • In 353, Magnentius' troops deserted his cause and the rebellious general committed suicide.

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