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September 13th, 533 – The Battle of Ad Decimum

Conflict: Vandalic Wars

Combatants: Byzantines vs. Vandals

Location: Tunisia

Outcome: Byzantine victory

Determined to reconquer Africa from the Vandals, Byzantine Emperor Justinian dispatched Belisarius with 15,000 troops for this purpose. Belisarius launched from Sicily, landed at Cape Vada and marched on Carthage. Vandal King Gelimer attempted to ambush the Byzantine army on the march but Belisarius' army repulsed the attack and inflicted heavy losses. The Byzantine's seized Carthage two days later.

Gelimer on a Denarii

Points of Interest:

  • Belisarius defeated Gelimer again in December and the Vandal king surrendered in March of 534.

  • Belisarius left Africa in the hands of Byzantine General Solomon, but had to return in 536 to help suppress a mutiny.

Belisarius by Per Krafft the Younger

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