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September 12th, 1213 – The Battle of Muret

Conflict: Albigensian Crusade

Combatants: French Crusaders vs. Aragon/Toulouse

Location: France

Outcome: Crusader victory

In the fall of 1213, French Crusader Simon de Montfort found himself besieged by the Catharist/Waldensian heretics and Aragonese forces of King Pedro II and commanded by Raymond VI of Toulouse. Although vastly outnumbered, de Montfort devised a series of ruses which led the enemy into surrounding one small portion of the Crusader defenders. Meanwhile, de Montfort, with the remainder of his men, attacked the distracted Aragonese from the rear and forced a rout. The Spanish suffered severe losses including Pedro himself. The remaining attackers, demoralized by the flight of the Aragonese, were then easily defeated.

Battle of Muret by unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • Simon de Montfort would be killed a decade later fighting the Albigensian heretics near Toulouse.

  • Despite the victory at Muret, the Crusade itself would not by be completely successful until 1226.

Raymond VI of Toulouse by an unknown artist

Simon de Monfort by Élisée Reclus

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