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October 9th, 1544- The Second Siege of Boulogne

Conflict: Italian Wars

Combatants: French vs. English

Location: France

Outcome: English victory

After multiple failed attempts to retake Boulogne from the English, the French Dauphin Henry, later Henry II, saw fresh opportunity to re-invest the city when much of the English army was trapped at Calais. With only 4,000 English soldiers left in Boulogne, a French victory initially appeared certain. But, when overzealous French troops turned to looting before the battle was complete, the English rallied and drove the enemy back.

The Siege of Boulogne by King Henry VIII in 1544 by James Basire

Points of Interest:

  • The seizure of Boulogne had been planned as the first step in a full invasion of France with temporary ally Charles V of Spain. Henry VIII, however, unilaterally abandoned English participation in the invasion five days after Boulogne surrendered.

  • Though a peace treaty was signed, the English did not return Boulogne to France until 1550.

Henry VIII of England by Hans Holbein the Younger

Henry II of France by an unknown artist

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