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October 8th, 314- The Battle of Cibalae

Conflict: Roman Civil Wars

Combatants: Romans (Constantine I) vs. Romans (Licinius)

Location: Thrace (Croatia)

Outcome: Constantine victory

In order to end the uprising of Licinius, Constantine led an army of 20,000 into the Eastern Roman Empire in 314. Licinius assembled his own army of 35,000 to meet Constantine who established a defensive position at Cibalae and repulsed the enemy troops. Constantine then counter-attacked, destroying half of Licinius' army and trailed the remainder as they fled into Thrace.

Bust of Constantine I

Points of Interest:

  • Licinius surrendered to Constantine and was executed in 325.

  • Constantine I is most famous for issuing edicts of toleration for all religions (June 313) and later established Christianity as the official faith of the empire.

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