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October 4th, 1777 - The Battle of Germantown

Conflict: American Revolution

Combatants: Americans vs. British

Location: Pennsylvania (USA)

Outcome: British victory

To defend the newly captured prize of Philadelphia, General Sir William Howe deployed 9,000 redcoats to Germantown. American General George Washington assembled 11,000 soldiers to attack the town. The advance of the Americans, however, was hampered by a tenacious British defense, heavy fog, and friendly fire. The Americans were forced to withdraw while suffering about 1100 casualties in killed, wounded, and captured. The British took about half as many losses.

General Sir William Howe by Henry Bryan Hall

Points of Interest:

  • When the soldiers of Nathaniel Greene and those Anthony Wayne accidently fired on each other in the fog, the troops fled in panic and the American advance could not be recovered.

  • Following Germantown, Washington and the Continental Army entered winter quarters at Valley Forge.

George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

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