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October 29th, 1665 - The Battle of Ambulia

Conflict: Kongo Civil War

Combatants: Congolese vs. Portuguese

Location: Angola

Outcome: Portuguese victory

By the reign of Afonso VI (shown below), Portugal had forced its Dutch adversaries from Angola and maintained a colonial holding there. In 1665, conflict in the region led to a secession movement in the small territories between Angola and the Kingdom of Kongo. Portugal led mostly native troops in a bid to rest the territory from Kongo. The Kongolese were defeated and their King, Antonio, killed in the battle. Kongo slipped into civil war and Portugal obtained tenuous authority over the tiny seceding nation.

Afonso VI of Portugal by Ângela Barreto Xavier

Points of Interest:

  • In the aftermath of the civil war, the capital of San Salvador was abandoned.

  • Afonso was forced from power two years later by his brother Pedro and reigned in name only.

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