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October 26th, 1864 - The Battle of Decatur

Conflict: American Civil War

Combatants: Confederates vs. Federals

Location: Alabama (USA)

Outcome: Federal victory

Intending to launch an invasion of Tennessee, Confederate General John Bell Hood found a small Federal force entrenched at Decatur. While slowly deploying his army to encircle the enemy troops, Federal reinforcements arrived to bolster the defense. By the time Hood launched a probing attack the 27th, the Federals drove off the skirmishers, capturing over 100. Low on supplies, Hood chose to withdraw and move farther west.

General John Bell Hood by an unknown photographer

Points of Interest:

  • Hood had expected to meet General Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry at Decatur, but Forrest had been delayed.

  • On this same day in Missouri, Federal troops killed 'Bloody' Bill Anderson, one of William Quantrill's infamous 'raiders'.

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