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October 22nd, 1777 - The Battle of Red Bank

Conflict: American Revolution

Combatants: Americans vs. British

Location: New Jersey (USA)

Outcome: American victory

Despite occupying Philadelphia, the British had not managed to seize control of the Delaware River from the American revolutionaries and could not, therefore, deliver supplies to the army in pursuit of George Washington's Continentals. To free the river passage, the British sent a small fleet against the chevaux de frise defenses while simultaneously sending Hessian troops, under command of Colonel Carl von Donop, against the American Fort Mercer commanded by Colonel Christopher Greene. On October 22nd, four British vessels moved into a position to support the attack on the redoubt. The Hessian assault was rebuffed with heavy losses however and British Frigate Augusta ran aground. American vessels lay down fire on the Augusta which was eventually set ablaze causing its powder magazine to explode.

View of the Battleground at Red Bank, on the Delaware River, New Jersey by Printmakers include P. Canot, H.B. Hall, S.V. Hunt, J.B. Longacre, J.M. Probst and Paul Sandby

Points of Interest:

  • Whereas the Hessians and British suffered losses of hundreds of men, the American casualties were 14 killed and 23 wounded.

  • Americans salvaged supplies including two 24-pound canons from the Augusta before it was completely destroyed.

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