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October 14th, 1066 - The Battle of Hastings

Conflict: Norman Invasion of England

Combatants: English (Saxons) vs. Normans

Location: England (UK)

Outcome: Norman victory

Claiming England as his inheritance, William of Normandy launched an invasion on that kingdom, debarking from France in September of 1066. Harold II, the newly crowned King of England, established a defensive position for his troops at Hastings. On October 14th William, with probably some 7,000 or soldiers and cavalry, attacked the English defenders. The English held firmly against the Normans for most of the day, but were drawn from their positions when the Normans feigned a withdrawal and were caught and slaughtered in the ensuing melee. By the time Harold himself was mortally wounded, the battle was all but won by William.

The Battle of Hastings in 1066 by Francois Hippolyte Debon

Points of Interest:

  • Losses suffered fighting off the Norwegians at the Battle of Fulford a month before contributed to the defeat at Hastings.

  • William had more or less pacified England by 1071 and is recorded as having been lenient with English rebels.

William the Conqueror by an unknown artist

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