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October 12th, 632 - The Battle of Hatfield Chase

Conflict: Anglo-Saxon Invasion of England

Combatants: Gwynedd/Mercia vs. Northumbria

Location: England (UK)

Outcome: Gwynedd/Mercian victory

Following the Battle of Idle in 616, Edwin was elevated to King of Northumbria. Edwin then defeated the Britons of northern Wales and the Anglesea. But in 632, the Welsh leader Cadwallon allied with the Angle Penda of Mercia and defeated Edwin in the Battle of Hatfield Chase. Edwin was killed in the engagement.

Saint King Edwin of Northumbria (DaveWebster14, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

Points of Interest:

  • Cadwallon was killed by the forces of Oswald a year later in the Battle of Helenfelth (aka Rowley Water).

  • In 641, Oswald was killed by Penda's forces at the Battle of Maserfeld (Oswestry, Shopshire).

  • In 655, Penda was killed at the Battle of Winwaed by the army of Oswy, the little brother of Oswald.

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