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October 10th, 680- The Battle of Karbala (or Kerbala)

Conflict: Second Fitna

Combatants: Ali vs. Umayyads

Location: Iraq

Outcome: Umayyad victory

In 680, the reign of Yazid I, son of Mu'awiya, as Caliph of the Umayyads began. Husain, the son of Ali and grandson of the prophet Mohammed, led a rebellion in that same year. Husain's small army was intercepted by the Umayyads whilst en route to Kufa. A battle ensued in which the rebels were defeated and Husain was killed as were most of his family members.

Battle of Karbala by Abbas Al-Musavi

Points of Interest:

  • Prior to Karbala, the Kufans of Iraq, Husain's erstwhile allies, entirely abandoned him and left he and his entourage virtually defenseless.

  • The betrayal and death of Husain, the grandson of the Prophet, solidified the splitting off the Shiite sect of Islam.

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