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November 9th, 635 - The Battle of Buwaib

Conflict: Islamic Conquests

Combatants: Rashiduns vs. Sassanids

Location: Iraq

Outcome: Rashidun victory

After suffering a defeat at the Battle of the Bridge, reinforcements helped the Rashidun Arabs halt pursuit by the Sassanid Persians. The Persian leader, Mihran bin Badhan, was killed in the battle reputedly falling to an arrow from the bow of a slave.

Tarikhuna bi-uslub qasasi the death of Mihran bin Badhan by an unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • In 637, Sa'd ibn abi-Waqqas led a new army of 30,000 Arabs into Persia and defeated a 50,000 man army at Qadisiya.

  • A few months later, Sa'd again defeated the Persians at Jalula.

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