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November 27th, 1863 - The Battle of Mine Run

Conflict: American Civil War

Combatants: Confederates vs. Federals

Location: Virginia (USA)

Outcome: Inconclusive

After failing to turn the Federal left at Bristoe Station in October, Confederate General Robert E. Lee withdrew his troops to the Rappahannock. General George Meade pursued and, for nearly five days, tried unsuccessfully to attack the Confederate troops on the west bank of the Mine Run. The Federals lost approximately 1650 soldiers; the Confederates lost about 740.

Battle of Mine Run - Gen. Warren's Troops Attacking by William Waud

Points of Interest:

  • On this same day, Confederate raider John Hunt Morgan along with a few of his men escaped from a Federal prison in Ohio.

  • Four days after the stalemate at Mine Run, Meade withdrew the Army of the Potomac for winter quarters.

General Robert E. Lee by Mathew Brady

George G. Meade Standing by Matthew Brady

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