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November 19th, 1952 - The Second Battle of the Hook

Conflict: Korean War

Combatants: Chinese vs. UN Forces

Location: South Korea

Outcome: UN victory

Having failed to secure the area known as the Hook against US Marines in October, Chinese returned in November to assault the relieving Commonwealth forces. Two days of heavy fighting ensued in which the Chinese were again repulsed from the strategic position by British and Canadian troops. The Chinese would not return to the Hook in force again until May of 1953.

After the Battle of The Hook, soldiers from the 1st Battalion, The Black Watch relax at a rest centre and wait to be transported back to the front (Source - IVM)

Points of Interest:

  • The armistice which ended fighting in Korea was signed on July 27th of 1953.

  • The United Nations forces lost over 118,000 men in the Korean War. The Communists are believed to have suffered nearly two million in battle and non-battle deaths.

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