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November 16th, 637 - The Battle of Al-Qadisiya

Conflict: Islamic Conquests

Combatants: Rashiduns vs. Sassanid Persians

Location: Iraq

Outcome: Rashidun victory

Over the course of a three-day battle, an army of 30,000 Rashidun Arabs defeated a Persian Sassanid army of 50,000. This opened the way for the Siege of Ctesiphon, the capitol of the Sassanid Empire.

Depiction of the Battle of al-Qādisiyyah from a manuscript of the Persian epic Shāh-nāmeh (Source - British Library)

Points of Interest:

  • A few months later, the Rashidun Arabs again defeated the Persians at Jalula.

  • The Arabs quelled most Persian resistance in the newly conquered lands between 640 and 650.

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