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November 10th, 1444 - The Battle of Varna

Conflict: Ladislas' Crusade

Combatants: Hungarians vs. Turks

Location: Bulgaria

Outcome: Turkish victory

A string of Hungarian victories under the leadership of John Hunyadi forced the Sultan Murad II of the Ottoman Turks to sign a truce with its Balkan enemies. Hungarian King Ladislas I, in alliance with Venice, broke this truce and invaded Turkish occupied Bulgaria. At the Battle of Varna, the Hungarian army was badly defeated and Ladislas himself was killed.

Battle of Varna, 1444 by Jan Matejko

Points of Interest:

  • Hunyadi survived the battle and retreated with the remnants of the army, but would be again defeated by Murad at the Second Battle of Kosovo in 1448.

  • In 1456, Hunyadi defeated the Turks at Belgrade and intended to invade Turkey but died a month after the battle.

Hunyadi, János by Ferenc Nádasdy

Murad II by Paolo Veronese

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