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May 13th, 1568 - The Battle of Langside

Conflict: Marian Rebellion

Combatants: Catholic Scots (Queen Mary) vs. Protestant Scots (James VI)

Location: Scotland

Outcome: Protestant victory

After escaping from imprisonment, Mary, Queen of Scots, rallied a force of some 6,000 Catholics to her cause commanded by Archibald Campbell, the 5th Earl of Argyll. This army was met by an equal number of Protestants in the cause of James VI and commanded by James Stewart, the Earl of Moray. The Catholics were defeated and routed by a cavalry charge. Mary was forced to flee to England.

Mary of Scotland mourning over the dying Douglas at the Battle of Langside,1568 by F. Hartwich

Points of Interest:

  • In England, Mary was held under guard by Elizabeth I. She was executed in 1587.

  • After Langside, fighting continued between Mary and James' supporters for years. In 1582, James VI was captured and held by Catholic rebels for 10 months.

Mary Stuart Queen by François Clouet
King James I of England and VI of Scotland (1566–1625) by an unknown artist



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