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May 10th, 1864 - The Battle of Spotsylvania

Conflict: American Civil War

Combatants: Confederates vs. Federals

Location: Virginia (USA)

Outcome: Inconclusive

Seeking to meet and destroy Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, Federal General Ulysses Grant confronted the Confederate army in a series of engagements from May 8th to May 18th, 1864. On May 10th, a Federal assault on the Confederate center failed and was followed by a second assault under Colonel Emory Upton, initially successful, but turned back when support troops did not advance as planned.

Battle of Spotsylvania by Kurz & Allison

Point of Interest:

  • Over the ten days of fighting, the Union suffered about 17,000 casualties; the Confederates approximately 10,000.

  • Grant would later be elected as President of the United States; Lee would serve as President of Washington College (Washington and Lee College).

Major General Ulysses S. Grant by E. and H.T. Anthony
General Robert E. Lee by Mathew Benjamin Brady



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