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March 13th, 1569 - The Battle of Jarnac

Conflict: French Wars of Religion

Combatants: Catholic Royalists vs. Huguenots

Location: France

Outcome: Huguenot victory

On this day in 1569, Catholic Royalists led by Gaspard de Tavannes surprised and defeated the Huguenot army. The Huguenot leader, Louis de Bourbon the Prince de Conde, was captured and killed.

The Battle of Jarnac by an unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • This was the third civil war between French Catholics and Huguenots. It was initiated when Catholic Royalists broke the Peace of Longjumeau by attempting to capture Louis de Bourbon.

  • The war would end with the Peace of St. Germain in 1570, but reignite again in 1572.

Louis de Bourbon Prince of Condé by François Clouet



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