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March 11th, 1916 - The Fifth Battle of Isonzo

Conflict: World War I

Combatants: Austrians vs. Italians

Location: Slovenia

Outcome: Inconclusive

One of a series of battles fought in 1916 on the Isonzo front, this Italian offensive began on March 11th and ground to a halt after inconclusive attacks on the Austrians. Rain, snow, and fog hindered the operation and a new Austrian offensive elsewhere forced the Italian army to divert its attention from Isonzo.

Italian troops at Isonzo by unknown photographer

Points of Interest:

  • Between August 1916 and September of 1917, there would be six more Battles of Isonzo; all of which resulted in little more than thousands of casualties.

  • The Isonzo battles would finally come to an end in November of 1917 when a German offensive forced the Italians to retreat to the Piave River.



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