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March 10th, 1734 - The Siege of Danzig

Conflict: War of the Polish Succession (1734-1738)

Combatants: Poles vs. Russians

Location: Germany

Outcome: Russian victory

In late 1733, Stanislas Leszczynski, claimant to the throne of Poland, was forced to withdraw into Danzig before an invasion of Russians and Saxons. In January of 1734, the Russian and Saxon army besieged Danzig. Despite support from the French, the town was captured in June and Leszczynski was forced to flee.

Siege of Danzig, 1734 by an unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • In 1738, Leszczynski abdicated and Augustus III was made King of Poland.

  • Despite the crowning of Augustus, Leszczynski retained the title of King of Poland and was made Duke of Lorraine.

Stanislas Leszczynski by an unknown artist



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