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June 4th, 1745 - The Battle of Hohenfriedeberg

Conflict: War of the Austrian Succession

Combatants: Holy Roman Empire vs. Prussia

Location: Poland

Outcome: Prussian victory

With Austria returning all Bavarian territory to Maximillian III Joseph, Frederick the Great found his Prussian army cutoff from his allies. An Imperial Army of 85,000 Austrians and Saxons and commanded by Prince Charles of Lorraine then crossed the Sudeten Mountains to assault the Prussians in Poland.

Preußische Grenadier-Bataillone schlagen die Sachsische Garde (Prussian Grenadiers defeat the Saxon Guard) by Carl Röchling

On June 4th of 1745, Frederick the Great, with 65,000 soldiers, struck first. His army attacked the Imperial vanguard at Hohenfriedeberg and drove the Saxon contingent into retreat before the main army of Austrians could arrive. When the remainder of the army did arrive, the Prussians routed the Austrians as well. Prince Charles fled into Bohemia leaving thousands of casualties on the field and with Frederick in pursuit.

Hohenfriedeberg - Attack of Prussian Infantry - 1745 by Carl Röchling

Points of Interest:

  • Hohenfriedeberg was the first of a series of defeats Frederick inflicted on Prince Charles and his Imperial Army. A treaty favorable to Prussia was concluded in December of 1745.

  • Frederick the Great is considered by military historians one of the greatest generals in history. He was adept at commanding and maneuvering his troops in such a way as to routinely defeat much larger armies.

Charles Alexander of Lorraine by an unknown artist

Frederick the Great (cropped) by Oscar Begas

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