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June 2nd, 455 - The Sack of Rome

Conflict: Barbarian Invasions of Rome

Combatants: Romans vs. Vandals

Location: Italy

Outcome: Vandal victory

Responding to the pleas of Eudoxia, who had been forced to marry Roman emperor, Petronius Maximus, Gaiseric and his Vandal warriors sailed up to the mouth of the Tiber. Maximus was assassinated by his own citizens. The Vandals then proceeded to sack Rome for two weeks before departing with Eudoxia as a hostage.

The Sack of Rome by Karl Briullov

Points of Interest:

  • Petronius Maximus came to power after the previous emperor, Valentinian, was murdered.

  • The Western Roman empire would effectively collapse about two decades later.

Petronius Maximus by an unknown artist

Geiserich by Julius Naue

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