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June 29th, 1644 - The Battle of Cropredy Bridge

Conflict: First English Civil War

Combatants: Parliamentarians vs. Royalists

Location: England

Outcome: Royalist victory

After a series of defeats by the Parliamentarian armies, Charles I found himself on the verge of being surrounded in Oxford. Following two feints to confuse the enemy, Charles and his Royalists engaged the Parliamentarians under Sir William Waller at Cropredy Bridge north of Oxford. While Charles was obliged to withdraw before approaching enemy reinforcements, the Royalists had captured 11 Parliamentarian guns and taken negligible casualties. Waller lost 700 men to desertion.

Charles I by Edward Bower

Points of Interest:

  • Routing the Parliamentarians at Cropredy Bridge allowed Charles to send cavalry to assist the city of York.

  • Despite the victory, the Royalists would be badly defeated at Naseby a year later. Charles was beheaded in 1649.

Sir William Waller by an unknown artist

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