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June 27th, 1864 - The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Conflict: American Civil War

Combatants: Confederates vs. Federals

Location: Georgia (USA)

Outcome: Confederate victory

After weeks of attempting to out-maneuver the army of Confederate General Joseph Johnston, General William T. Sherman ordered his Federal troops to attack at Kennesaw Mountain. Although the Confederates were out-numbered 2-to-1, the confined space of the battlefield afforded the Federals room to field only some 16,000 soldiers in the attack. The Federals were repulsed with 2,000 killed. Confederate losses were less than 300 killed.

Battle of Kenesaw Mountian by Kurz & Allison

Points of Interest:

  • Johnston served as a congressman and railroad commissioner after the war.

  • Sherman declined nomination for president in 1884.

Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, C.S.A. by Mathew Benjamin Brady

General William Tecumseh Sherman by an unknown photographer

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