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June 24th, 1314 - The Battle of Bannockburn

Conflict: First War of Scottish Independence

Combatants: English vs. Scots

Location: Scotland

Outcome: Scottish victory

Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, arranged his army on the near side of a stream before the advancing English troops of Edward II. The crowding and disorder among the English as they crossed the water into a small field of battle rendered their archers ineffective. The Scots then repulsed a cavalry charge with pikeman. A Scottish feint against the English left caused it to collapse, followed soon by the departure of Edward II from the field. The English soldiers, their King having fled, turned to flee back across the stream and were slaughtered by the pursuing Scots. The English lost as many as 15,000 soldiers in the battle.

The Battle of Bannockburn by John Cassell

Points of Interest:

  • Many English soldiers drowned in the retreat.

  • Stirling Castle was captured by the Bruce shortly after Bannockburn.

Robert the Bruce an engraving by Edward Harding

King Edward II of England by an unknown artist

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