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June 23rd, 1757 - The Battle of Plassey

Conflict: Seven Years' War

Combatants: British vs. Bengal Subah/French

Location: India

Outcome: British victory

After capturing Calcutta and Chandernagore, Robert Clive led his roughly 3,200 British and native troops in pursuit of Bengal leader Suraja Dowla. The 50,000 strong army, supported by French canons, moved to surround the much smaller army of Clive. But, while a sudden rain wet the powder of the Indians, Clive's soldiers protected their own ammunition. Indian attacks were repulsed and Clive successfully counterattacked. Suraja Dowla was executed on July 2nd, 1757.

The Battle of Plassey by unknown artist

Point of Interest:

  • For defeating Suraja Dowla, the new Nawab of Bengal gifted Clive an estate with an income of £30,000 a year and over £250,000 in monies.

  • Despite British resentment over his monetary gains in India. Clive was granted both a knighthood and a barony.

Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive by Nathaniel Dance

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