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June 22nd, 1476 - The Battle of Morat

Conflict: Old Zurich War

Combatants: Burgundians vs. Swiss

Location: Switzerland

Outcome: Swiss victory

In a move to drive the Swiss from Burgundy, Charles the Bold lay siege to Morat with 20,000 soliders. The Burgundians, however, were caught unawares by an advancing Swiss army supported by Austrian and German cavalry. Many Burgundian soldiers were trapped with a lake at their back and as many as 10,000 were killed. Swiss casualties were light.

Battle of Morat by Diebold Schilling the Younger

Point of Interest:

  • The Swiss allied with the Germans and the Habsburgs and were subsidized by Louis XI of France in resisting the territorial ambitions of Charles the Bold.

  • Charles the Bold would be killed at the Battle of Nancy six months after Morat.

Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy by an unknown artist

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