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June 20th, 1389 - The Battle of Kosovo

Conflict: Serbian-Ottoman Wars

Combatants: Balkan Coalition vs. Ottoman Turks

Location: Serbia

Outcome: Ottoman victory

In the summer of 1389, Prince Lazar I of Serbia assembled a coalition of some 25,000 Albanians, Bosnians, Bulgars, Serbs, and Wallachians to oppose the advance Murad I Ottoman Turk army into the Balkans. Turkish janissaries and spahis, however, inflicted a decisive defeat on the allied forces. Lazar was captured and killed and Serbia became a vassal state to the Ottoman Empire.

Battle of Kosovo by Adam Stefanović

Points of Interest:

  • Murad I was assassinated shortly after the battle by a Serb prisoner posing as a traitor.

  • Lazar's son, Stephan Lazarevic, served the Ottomans as a vassal until 1402.

Sultan Murad I by an unknown artist

Prince Lazar by an unknown artist

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