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June 16th, 1815 - The Battle of Ligny

Conflict: The Hundred Days

Combatants: French vs. Prussians

Location: Belgium

Outcome: French victory

Three months after returning from exile on Elba, Napoleon Bonaparte dispatched his armies to confront the coalition of nations which had assembled against the resurgent France. After first seizing Charleroi and splitting the British and Prussian armies, Bonaparte moved to attack Field Marshall General Gebhard von Blucher's troops at Ligny. Bonaparte successfully assaulted Blucher and forced the Prussians to retreat, narrowly avoiding total destruction only because orders to the French left wing were misunderstood or confused. The French lost 11,500 men; the Prussians suffered 28,000 casualties.

The Battle Of Ligny by Ernst Crofts

Points of Interest:

  • Of the 28,0000 Prussian casualties, 12,000 were deserters.

  • Although defeated at Ligny, Blucher and the Prussians would return to aid the allies in defeating Napoleon at Waterloo just two days later.

Napoleon I of France by Andrea Appiani

Field Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher by an unknown artist

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