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June 14th, 1658 - The Battle of the Dunes

Conflict: Franco-Spanish War

Combatants: Anglo-French vs. Spanish

Location: France

Outcome: Anglo-French victory

Bolstered by an English fleet, the French army under command of the Vicomte de Turenne launched a surprise attack against the Spanish forces of Don Juan on the beaches northeast of Dunkirk. Over the course of four hours, the French skillfully pushed back and mauled the Spanish troops. By the end of the battle, Don Juan had lost 1,000 killed and 5,000 captured. The Anglo-French had suffered only about 400 losses. Dunkirk was surrendered to the English in the aftermath of this loss.

Bataille Dunes by Charles-Philippe Larivière

Points of Interest:

  • Dunkirk itself surrendered to the French ten days later.

  • The Franco-Spanish war came to a close the following year with the Treaty of Pyrenees.

Don Juan of Austria by unknnown artist

Turenne by an unknown artitst

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