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June 10th, 1619 - The Battle of Zablat

Conflict: Thirty Years' War

Combatants: Catholics vs. Protestants

Location: Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Outcome: Catholic victory

Refusing to recognize Catholic Archduke Ferdinand of Styria as heir to the Bohemian throne, Protestants established a provisional government in 1618 and raised an army under Count Matthias of Thurn. While Thurn invaded Austria, the Protestant army led by Count Ernst von Mansfeld was defeated in Bohemia by a Catholic Imperial army commanded by Count Charles B. de L. Boucquoi. Thurn was forced to return from the Austrian endeavor.

Boucquoi's Sieg bei Zablat (Budweis) 1619 by Karl von Blaas

Points of Interest:

  • The Thirty Years' War, which began as a religious war between Catholics and Protestants in Bohemia, soon morphed into a secular power struggle against the Habsburgs.

  • After multiple phases, the war would end in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia.

Graf Ernst von Mansfeld by an unknown artist

(Count Charles B. de L.) Bucquoy by Peter Paul Rubens

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