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July 8th, 1265 - The Battle of Newport

Conflict: Second Baron's War

Combatants: Barons vs. Royals

Location: England

Outcome: Royal victory

Following the capture of his father, Henry III, by the Earl Simon de Montfort, Prince Edward assembled an army to confront the rebellious barons at Newport. The more numerous royal army was victorious and Simon was forced to flee to Wales.

Civil War in England from the Chronique de Saint-Denis

Points of Interest:

  • Simon de Montfort would be killed the following month in the Battle of Evesham.

  • The rebellion would be stamped out by 1267 and Prince Edward ascended to the throne five years later (as Edward I).

Simon de Montfort by Élisée Reclus

Prince Edward (later Edward I) by an unknown artist

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