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July 4th, 1187 - The Battle of Hattin

Conflict: First Crusade

Combatants: Crusaders vs. Ayyubid

Location: Palestine (Israel)

Outcome: Ayyubid victory

Continuing his conquest of Palestine, Saladin attacked the King Guy of Lusignan's Crusaders at Hattin. The Moslem army first managed to separate enemy cavalry and infantry units before destroying both. Some Crusader cavalry, led by Count Raymond of Tripoli, were able to fight their way free. The majority of the remaining Europeans were captured, including Guy, or killed outright.

Battle of Hattin by Gustave Doré

Points of Interest:

  • Although he escaped the field of battle, Count Raymond later succumbed to his wounds.

  • Saladin captured Jerusalem from the Crusaders four months after Hattin.

Saladin by an unknown artist

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