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July 26th, 1582 - The Battle of Terceira (or Azores)

Conflict: War of Portuguese Succession

Combatants: French vs. Spanish

Location: Azores

Outcome: Spanish victory

The death of King Sebastian I of Portugal led to a civil war involving seven rivals to the throne. After victory at the Battle of Alcantara in 1580, Phillip II of Spain was assured victory in the royal dispute. But fellow claimant Antion de Crato would return and challenge Phillip's control of the Azores with French assistance in 1582. The French fleet commanded by Filippo Strozzi, however, was defeated by the ships of the Spanish Marquis Alvaro de Bazan of Santa Cruz.

Isla Terceira by Niccolò Granello

Points of Interest:

  • Crato attempted to take the Azores again and year later and was again defeated by Santa Cruz.

  • In 1589, Crato once more sought the throne. Now with English support, Crato invaded Portugal but was badly defeated and forced to flee to France.

Phillip II (1527-1598), King of Spain by an unknown artist

Álvaro de Bazán y Benavides by an unknown artist

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