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July 25th, 1814 - The Battle of Lundy's Lane

Conflict: The War of 1812

Combatants: Americans vs. British

Location: Canada

Outcome: Inconclusive

On this day in 1814, General Gordon Drummond's 2600 British troops engaged in a battle with General Jacob Brown's 3000 Americans near Niagara Falls. The two armies exchanged fire for five hours without either gaining the upper hand. The Americans suffered around 850 dead, wounded and missing; the British slightly more. Both commanders and General Winfield Scott were wounded in the battle.

Battle of Lundy's Lane by an unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • Although the battle was inconclusive, the Americans afterwards withdrew into Fort Erie with the British in pursuit.

  • British General Phineas Riall was both wounded and taken prisoner during this battle. He would later lose his arm to the wound.

General Winfield Scott (Cropped) by Robert Walter Weir

General Sir Gordon Drummond by George Theodore Berthon

General Jacob Jennings Brown (1775-1828) by James Herring

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