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July 24th, 1411 - The Battle of Harlaw

Conflict: Scottish Feudal Wars

Combatants: Donald of Islay vs. Earl of Mar

Location: Scotland

Outcome: Tactically inconclusive but strategic Mar victory

In a dispute over the ownership of the Earldom of Ross, the armies of Donald, Lord of the Isles invaded Aberdeenshire and met the army of the Duke of Albany led by Alexander Stewart, the Earl of Mar (below). Although allied with English nobles, Donald could not effectively defeat Mar. When dawn came the following day, Donald had retreated; his bid to the Earldom of Ross had failed.

Alexander Stewart Earl of Mar by unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • The distraction caused by the Hundred Years' War allowed Albany to regain control over some areas of southern Scotland and he also dispatched Scottish soldiers to assist the French against England.

  • Scottish King James I was ransomed from English imprisonment in 1423 and reengaged in warfare with the English after more than a decade of peace.

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