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July 23rd, 1759 - The Battle of Kay

Conflict: Seven Years' War

Combatants: Russians vs. Prussians

Location: Poland

Outcome: Russian victory

Under orders from Czarina Elizabeth, Field Marshal Count Pyotr Saltykov led 70,000 Russian troops into Brandenburg. Prussian General Richard von Wedell unwisely met this offensive with only 25,000 soldiers. The Prussians suffered 6,000 casualties and were forced to retreat back across the Oder River.

Pyotr Saltykov by Pietro Antonio Rotari

Points of Interest:

  • The French and Indian War between Great Britain and France provoked further conflict in continental Europe where it was refered to as the Seven Years' or Third Silesian War.

  • Russia would drop out of the Seven Years' War three years after Kay.

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