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July 20th, 1402 - The Battle of Angora

Conflict: Timurid Invasion of Turkey

Combatants: Ottomans vs. Timurids

Location: Turkey

Outcome: Timurid victory

Alerted to the invasion of Asia Minor by Tamerlane, the Ottoman Sultan Bayazid broke off a siege of Constantinople to confront the Timurid army. The two forces clashed on July 20th of 1402 but, unfortunately for Bayazid, most of the Turkish vassals deserted during the heavy cavalry engagement. The Ottomans were defeated, Bayazid was taken captive and later died in captivity.

A miniature depicting the capture of Bayezid I by an unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • Bayazid increased the size of his army through the conscription of Christians.

  • Tamerlane died two years after the Battle of Angora.

Tamerlane by an unknown artist

Bajazet I (Bayazid) by an unknown artist

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