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July 19th, 711 - The Battle of Guadalete

Conflict: Islamic Invasion of Spain

Combatants: Umayyads vs. Visigoths

Location: Spain

Outcome: Umayyad victory

The Visigoth Kingdom was already in steep decline when Roderick ascended the throne. Infighting among both the nobility and the populace was tearing the kingdom apart. The defeat of the Visigoths by a much smaller force of Umayyads at Guadalete was due as much to the miserable state of the of Roderick's kingdom as the prowess of the enemy.

Batalla de Guadalete by Mariano Barbasán Lagueruela

Points of Interest:

  • Roderick had about 90,000 men to the 12,000 Umayyads, but many fled or defected during the battle.

  • Roderick himself drowned in a river while fleeing the battle.

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