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July 18th, 1195 - The Battle of Alarcos

Conflict: The Reconquista

Combatants: Castilians vs. Almohad Caliphate

Location: Spain

Outcome: Caliphate victory

After combatting rebellious nobles to establish his authority, Alfonso VIII mounted several successful campaigns against the occupying Moslems in southern Spain. He greatly underestimated the forces of Almohad Caliph at Alarcos, however, and was badly defeated. Alfonso and his few surviving Spanish forces fled northeast to the fortress Calatrava. Alfonso was eventually forced to make peace the Caliphate.

Battle of the Reconquista from the Cantigas de Santa María by an unknown artist

Points of Interest:

  • Castile was also attacked by Leon and Navarre during Alfonso VIII's reign but both invasions failed.

  • Alfonso VIII assembled an army including French and Italian allies in 1212 and defeated the Almohad in the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa.

Portrait of Alfonso VIII of Castile, Libro de Retratos de los Reyes (1594) by an unknown artist

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